Glaxon Specimen Pre-Workout  Supplement Review #shorts

Glaxon Specimen Pre-Workout Supplement Review #shorts

August 30, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Glaxon Specimen Pre Workout was formulated to bring intense energy into your workouts, while at the same time yielding performance benefits for endurance, hydration, and pumps.
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Glaxon Specimen Pre-Workout Benefits
• Pumps: With patented NO3-T® Betaine Nitrate, Specimen provides pumps that are completely stackable with non-stim pump products

• Energy: With 300mgs of Caffeine per serving, a triple choline blend, a full gram of L-Tyrosine, and the rare botanical SantEnergy™ – Specimen sets the stage for unparalleled energy

• Hydration: The Astrolyte™ Electrolyte Blend features 4 crucial electrolytes, plus Fructooligosaccharides that facilitate mineral absorption in the gut

Glaxon Specimen Pre-Workout Ingredients
•SantEnergy™: This ingredient derives from the Yerba Santa, a plant native to California. It contains a rare bioflavonoid called Eriodictyol which can produce a caffeine-like feeling and possesses antioxidant properties.*

• VitaCholine®: This form of Choline L+Bitartrate contains only the biologically active isomer of Choline to facilitate Acetylcholine formation in the CNS.*

•Cholinace™:Also to bolster Acetylcholine levels, Cholinace™ also contains Alpha-GPC and CDP-choline*

• Astrolyte™: This blend of minerals features 4 key electrolytes and Fructooligosaccharides to ensure optimal absorption*

• NO3-T®: This patented form of Betaine Nitrate has dual-purpose being part-osmolyte and part-precursor to Nitric Oxide for great pumps*

Glaxon Specimen Pre-Workout Supports Your Goals
Preworkouts range from hardly noticeable to wondering if you’re gonna have to call a doctor…the good thing about Specimen is that it performs so strongly as a mid-category preworkout and offers multi-faceted benefits for growth and performance.* If you’re looking for something to give you that extra edge in the gym with an amazing flavor profile, Specimen is your go-to.*

Good to Know Information
Specimen is available in a wide variety of flavors and various formulas. Our green version of Specimen is where most people start, however for people who REALLY like stimulants, we also have the red version Specimen YoYo. Then for those who really REALLY like stimulants, we have Specimen GFY. Know how to pick which Specimen is right for you based on your experience level or work your way up and experience all the flavors and energy levels that Specimen has to offer.

About Glaxon
Glaxon seeks to break the mold in the most exciting ways possible! With cutting edge formulations, unique labels, and delicious flavors. Glaxon goes all in, above and beyond, every time!

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