BACK IN MY DAY BLAH BLAH  Fouad Abiad, Iain Valliere, Roman Fritz & Guy Cisternino  Bro Chat #43

BACK IN MY DAY BLAH BLAH Fouad Abiad, Iain Valliere, Roman Fritz & Guy Cisternino Bro Chat #43

August 28, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Fouad Abiad, Iain Valliere, Roman Fritz and Guy Cisternino decide to just have a fun one with nothing serious and barely any bodybuilding talk.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Sponsored by Manscaped
1:56 Cheating on RBP with other podcasts
4:30 Olympia predictions
8:10 Hurt feelings from placement predictions
12:40 The Arnold predicitions
29:45 Olympia predicitions
35:11 Shawn Ray coaching rant
50:50 Gyno DMs
53:45 Dating someone you banged on the first date
1:01:45 Arm dick or finger dicks?
1:04:08 What food chewed up and spit into mouth?
1:05:20 Fuck, marry, kill. Italian, Mexican, Chinese food?
1:07:40 Bat vs 10 year olds
1:08:50 Show your mom porn history or sexual history
1:15:09 SO making more money than you
1:18:05 Endless supply of anything
1:23:05 Watch your enemy bang your girlfriend in order to marry her?
1:24:25 Threesome with a male actor
1:27:20 Anyone else’s life with anyone else’s body
1:29:35 Mom & wife switch bodies
1:30:25 Hottest celebrity you’d have a shot with
1:34:15 Could you beat Tom Cruise in na fight?
1:35:07 Best looking on earth or read minds?
1:36:00 $10k for 2 days with robo girlfriend?
1:36:40 Inch of length for inch of height?
1:37:09 Free throw for $1 million or no more texting
1:39:54 Getting blackout drunk
1:44:50 Dick nose or nose dick?
1:47:00 Smelly poon