The Biceps “Cheat Code” (TALLER  WIDER) #shorts

The Biceps “Cheat Code” (TALLER WIDER) #shorts

August 4, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

If you want to build taller, wider biceps then this quick video is one you will definitely not want to miss. The biceps is a muscle comprised of two heads, hence the name. The inner head is called the short head and the outer head is called the long head. The reason for the names has to do with the attachment location of each.

The long head attaches higher up in the shoulder joint and is therefore a bit longer in length than the short head from origin to insertion.

While you cannot isolate any one head from the other when contracting your biceps, you can influence the recruitment of one head more than the other depending on the manner in which you curl the dumbbells. The long head is better activated when the arm is held slightly behind the body and turned inward. This is because it places the long head on more of a stretch. Placing a muscle on stretch prior to initiating a contraction gives you a better, stronger contraction.

Likewise, limiting the activation of the long head by rotating the arms out is something that can do a better job of engaging the short head or inner fibers of the biceps.

You can see that a standard dumbbell curl can be easily altered to adapt to the area of the muscle that you feel you need more work in.

For instance, if you perform dumbbell curls with your hands facing up and pointing straight out in front of you then you are going to be pretty much down the middle in terms of working both the short and long head to the same degree. Turning your hands out however and focusing on the inner head of the biceps is going to help you with more short head development. Likewise, trying to curl the dumbbells across your body is going to work more of the long head.

The simple way to remember this biceps workout tip is to think about doing this in a mirror. What you see is what you train. If when curling, you see more of the outside part of the biceps then you are going to be working more of this area. This, by the way, is the area of your biceps that is most responsible for the peak.

If on the other hand, when you curl you see more of the inside portion of the biceps then this is going to be the area you hit more effectively.

Again, it is important to understand that when a muscle contracts it does so all or none. You can not turn off the contraction in the short head and turn on the contraction in the long head. It doesn’t work that way. Any type of elbow flexion is going to train the biceps and work both heads. Understanding however that the physics of the exercise and the manner in which you lift the weight can have a difference in fiber recruitment, it is always wise to mix up the bicep exercises you do in your workouts to get the best overall development of your arms.

Speaking of arms, you won’t always just want to focus on your biceps when you want to fill your shirt sleeves. Even though this is the area of the arms that we flex when we are asked to make a muscle, you have to be aware of the benefits of building up the triceps when it comes to overall increases of arm size.

That said, there are many videos on how to get bigger biceps as well as how to get bigger triceps on this channel.

This just happens to be a quick biceps cheat code to get a quick and easy method for how you want to attack your biceps workouts in the future. Start implementing this helpful bicep tip and I promise you that you will get taller, wider biceps in no time. Remember, this applies to almost every single biceps exercise you do.

If you are doing say an incline biceps curl, you will automatically get your elbow into that position of stretch back behind the body. This again will help with better engagement of the long head due to the increased stretch on the head. Curl the dumbbells up and across the body a bit however and you will only further engage this area making it a great biceps peak builder.

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