How to Build a Massive Back and Shredded ABS

How to Build a Massive Back and Shredded ABS

June 24, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Ex1: 0:00 Rack Pulls
Ex2: 0:50 Wide Grip Cable Stiff Arm Pulldown
Ex3: 1:16 Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Machine
Ex4: 1:44 Close Grip Cable Standing Low Row
Ex5: 2:12 Bent Over T-Bar Row +underhand
Ex6: 2:35 Barbell Bent Over Row
Ex7: 2:59 Bent Over Rear Flys
Ex8: 3:26 Back Extensions
Ex9: 3:57 Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
Ex10: 4:34 Straight Bar Oblique Twists
Ex11: 5:10 Hanging Leg Raises
Ex12: 5:43 Crunch Machine

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