Best Damn Shoulder Pump Workout  Jeremy Dutra, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Best Damn Shoulder Pump Workout Jeremy Dutra, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

September 18, 2020 0 By FitnessTips

We Stuck IFBB Pro Jeremy Dutra in the middle of nowhere and told him to create the best damn shoulder workout.
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When we asked IFBB Pro and EVL sponsored athlete what kind of gym he needed, he told us, “Any gym works, I could use rocks.” If you’ve seen other workouts by Jeremy Dutra, you know he’s not one to stick to a rigid rep and set scheme. He is about to take you to school with a shoulder routine that will pump you up like no other.

Workout Philosophy
1. Train by feel, not strict reps
2. Start light, ramp up to heavy weight
3. 3-4 working sets per exercise

Workout Structure
1. Press Variation
2. Rear Delt Isolation
3. Lateral Delt Isolation
4. Front Delt Isolation
5. Total Shoulder Finisher

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Jeremy’s Training Philosophy
01:30 – Warm-Up
04:50 – Seated Dumbbell Press
07:00 – Cable Single-Arm Rear Delt Row
10:45 – Cable Single-Arm Lateral Raise
14:18 – Front Delts Superset
17:50 – Full Shoulder Finisher


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